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His Central Criminal Court trial heard that Tom Blaine had schizophrenia and his brother had dementia, a tremor and a severe hunch in his back, having been involved in a serious accident on a building site years earlier. Both brothers also had speech impediments. They were under the care of the HSE, and a home help called to them three times a day. He had also been diagnosed with two personality disorders as an adult, was often on heavy medication, had developed a dependence on alcohol and prescription drugs and was in and out of both hospital and prison.

He bought a bottle of wine around 5pm on July 9th and was seen drinking three pints of Guinness in pubs later that evening. CCTV footage then captured him walking through the town and crossing paths with Jack Blaine around midnight. As was the norm, the barman then made him a cup of tea and carried it across the street, leaving it on his windowsill. The barman noticed a young man interacting with Jack Blaine as he returned to his house.

He thought he was helping him across the street. Cawley told gardai that he had spent about 20 minutes upstairs searching for prescription drugs.

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He claimed that this man, who the court heard was incontinent, was rubbing his genitals; Cawley claimed that he thought that the deceased was trying to make a sexual advance on him. He said he picked up a shovel and beat him with it. He said he then made his way to the front door, but saw another man in bed in a room at the front of the house. He decided to beat that man too and hit him with a stick about 25 times.

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So he turned on the kettle, waited for it to boil and poured the contents over his victim. She ran out of the house screaming and raised the alarm before going back inside to look for Jack Blaine.

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She eventually found him lying covered in blood in the back doorway, half inside the house and half outside. He had been attacked while he was in his bed. Candle of Nature. Golden Glass Stripes. Floral Stripes. Purple Glass Glow. Candle of Thought. Wooden Stripes. Coffee and Cake. Soft Glow. Pink Stripes. Leaves and Beauty.

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