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Chess Traps and How to Avoid them? | Remote Chess Academy

BCH: qq4ptclkzej5eza6a50et5ggc58hxsq5aylqut2npk. He is developing his bishop and at the same time,pinning your knight to the queen. But this actually is not a good move and you can take advantage of this. Let me tell you how First ,you will simply play pawn to h3. The best move for Black now would actually be to capture the knight. But this is not something you will see often. The most natural move that you will see from Black would be moving the bishop back to h5 and persisting with the pin.

This is exactly what you want black to play. You will now start setting up your trap. You will begin with the surprising move knight to E5. Yes, you are inviting black to capture your queen with his bishop. If black tries to be greedy and takes your queen, then he is gone.

Because after bishop f7 check. Black has the only move king e7 and then knight d5 is checkmate and it's game over. Now let me just go back and tell you another variation if black doesn't capture your queen. In this position, many of you might be wondering why we played this pawn to h3 , we could have a straight away gone for knight E5.

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But the problem here is that if black decides not to take the queen, then he can capture your knight and also defend his bishop from being captured by your queen. This will be a significant advantage for Black. So going back by playing h3 first and kicking the bishop back to h5 , we can take this pawn and now even if black doesn't take the queen and captures the knight ,we can capture the bishop first.

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And after this knight takes our bishop ,we can double attack by giving check and then capture the knight easily. If you look at the position, we are not only up a pawn but also significantly ahead in development. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Congratulations karann!

Legal’s Trap in chess

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