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Increased time on social media has had dramatic effects on teen behavior, including fewer risky social activities and more mental health symptoms. If social media replaces negative activities or isolation, it can be positive. If it replaces face-to-face interaction or exercise, it can be negative. And multiple studies have found that severe sleep debt is linked to suicidal ideation.

Teens, Social Media Technology Overview. Pew Internet and American Life Project. Psychological Science , 27 7 , — Journal of Research on Adolescence , 22 3 , — Electronic gaming and psychosocial adjustment. Journal of Research on Adolescence and Pediatrics , 3. Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data. Available at: cdc. Monitoring the Future national survey results on drug use, Overview, key findings on adolescent drug use. Join them. Follow ChildMindInst. Kross, Ethan, Marc G. Berman et al.

Gray, Kurt and Daniel M. Kristopher J. You describe behaviours I have experienced living with my brother with my mother and with our father. Different styles of abuse in the two homes but abuse non the less.

It has made me very aware of how I communicate with my young son. I try to let him experience all his feelings with no negation on my part, it's not easy. Andre, Good for you. A book I wish I had written. No matter how old your son is, run out and buy it.

e-book CHILDHOOD DAMAGES The Ripple Effect

Great primer on the brain, parenting, what harms, what helps. Best, Peg. Thank you, Ms. Thank you for caring about what actually happened to people, rather than 'research' and genetics. People need compassion more than anything. You're welcome.

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Verbal abuse is a passion of mine. It makes this English major person crazy that people don't understand Do you believe that engaging in re-parenting techniques can also be effective? I was told that our physical body doesn't know the difference between a memory and something we have imagined. Would re-parenting by changing the the memory of verbal abuse lessen the effect on us? For example - seeing our adult self rescue our child self from the abuser during a specific incident, and also stand up the abuser in our visualization. Patti, YES. But the science doesn't support changing the memory.

It supports supplanting it with another visualization. My new book will have lots of information on that.

e-book CHILDHOOD DAMAGES The Ripple Effect

You can't defang the memory by making it not have happened.. Think about it and when you do, it makes perfect sense. There are so many levels to healing. One perspective is that we are wounded at a particular level of energy. When we do regular talk therapy, we address the same event at a 1 or a 2 level of energy.

Thus we have understanding but much less often transformation or profound healing. Many traditions thus used a ceremonial event for healing purposes. Because of the size of the group and the focused intent of a large number of people, the energy from that environment would thus "match" the energy level of the trauma when registered. All effective healing modalities are valuable including of course traditional psychotherapy. This is simply another tool and perspective to consider. Thank you Peg for a very in depth article which I can very much relate to.

I have struggled for most of my life trying to come to terms with the abuse I endured from both my parents, living in denial and blaming myself for 39 years. My journey is just beginning with counselling and it is an extremely painful want at that, it's hard not wanting to go back to those experiences but I do understand that it is part of the process of healing.

When the inner child comes out she is so vulnerable. Keep writing it's helping me have more of an understanding. God bless you. Melanie, You're welcome and Godspeed on this journey. The right therapist can really change the course of your life, especially when you're ready to listen. I have a Facebook page which may be of interest to you: www. We must've had the same parents fellow commenters. I didn't realize my situation was outside the norm having two abusive family situations until I'd stay with friends.

Childhood amnesia - Wikipedia

Being cared about felt uncomfortable. Wound up parenting my own brother at 17 and while I tried hard to be a good provider to an also psychologically traumatized 13 year old, he needing nurturing not lessons on how to be tough, independent, not need anyone, which were the only lessons I could provide. Did better with him than our own parents, encouraging and helping him realize his talents, but it wasn't enough.

Thanks for clearing this up, Peg! In my case the "excuse" was that I was different, not normal Later in life it turned out that I have autism I still have mixed emotions about that. But I have been able to ask my mother later on why she did it After the well-known answer "I don't remember" I finally got a more satisfying answer: "I don't know, but I feel ashamed about it.

Conny, You won't be surprised that I don't believe that there's ANY justification for the verbal abuse of a child. Godspeed and best, Peg.

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You're right about that! I have always known that it was unjust, the way I was treated, but maybe that was because I was not an only child. I saw my sister being treated in a different way and found that unfair. My mum died in so we can't talk about it anymore. I do understand the part about the gaslighting very well. Maybe they just said that because she hadn't been dead for long by that time. If not: they didn't know my mum for real. Anyway, thank you for your articles, they always help me a lot! Although it was very subtle, my older sister was treated differently than me.

She got privileges that I never had.

I was seen and treated as the much less capable daughter.