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He then manages to draw her face in the sand, which she seems to like. Unfortunately, she flies away again when she spots Hiccup, and Toothless is unable to fly after her because of his bad fin. Hiccup later decides to fix up the fin and paint it black so that Toothless can go and find the Light Fury. They are spotted by the Deathgrippers, who try to attack and bring them down, but the two manage to escape and head back to warn Hiccup. Toothless flies until he finds the Light Fury. They take flight together as she demonstrates her ability to camouflage herself using her fire breath.

With her help, Toothless is able to use his own power with lightning to achieve the same effect. They continue flying until the Light Fury brings Toothless to a waterfall. After learning Grimmel is hot on their trail, Hiccup leads the Dragon Riders to catch him, but he was expecting this, so they have fallen into his trap.

He sends the Deathgrippers after them, but they manage to evade them and escape.

Hidden World of Undersea Volcanoes and Lava Flows Discovered Off Italian Coast | Live Science

Hiccup is then pressured into finding another solution to stopping Grimmel. As Grimmel tries to make his next move, Ruffnut starts to annoy the hell out of him with her endless talking, so he frees her. Hiccup and Astrid ride Stormfly to find Toothless. They come across the waterfall and are flown down into the hidden dragon world, which is vast and beautiful. The other dragons spot Hiccup and Astrid and chase after them. Toothless and Stormfly grab them and flee. Ruffnut returns to the village, and Grimmel has followed her back. He and his men, plus the Deathgrippers, start to attack again, this time ending with Grimmel successfully capturing Toothless and the Light Fury.

The other dragons are forced to follow Grimmel since he has their alpha, and he threatens to kill the Light Fury if Hiccup follows. Hiccup feels hopeless and sees himself as a failure as chief. Astrid encourages him as she always has, letting him know she was the first person to believe in him and will always be there to pick him up.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: The Hidden World (12222)

Hiccup rounds up his friends with their dragon suits to fly after the ship. Grimmel brings his captured dragons to the warlords, but he tells them that he plans to kill Toothless for himself, denying them the chance to have him for themselves. They manage to steer the dragon trapper ships toward each other, causing the trappers to abandon ship as they all sink.

Grimmel attempts to kill Hiccup, but he manages to free Toothless. Grimmel takes the Light Fury to the sky, leading Hiccup and Toothless to chase after them.

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The Deathgrippers fly in and surround Toothless, until he harnesses his lightning power and electrocutes them all before vanishing. He appears before Grimmel, and Hiccup jumps toward him.

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Grimmel tranquilizes Toothless, sending him falling to the ground. Hiccup confided in Astrid about finding the Hidden World so that everyone in their tribe could live in peace. The pair eventually discovered it while searching for Toothless on Stormfly before being chased out by the dragons that reside there, which made Hiccup realize that humans would never be welcomed in the Hidden World. Following the death of Grimmel the Grisly and the defeat of the Warlords , Hiccup and the rest of the Hooligan Tribe decided to send all of their dragons to the Hidden World, so that no human can ever find and harm them.

In , the Light Fury was released in game as a searching dragon similar to Toothless. She is able to search the Hidden World for specific dragon individuals at certain levels. Level 1 5 hours 20 minutes 60 36 10, 10, Dustbrawler. Level 10 6 hours 63 37 12, 12, Meatlug's Offspring Thunderdrum. Level 15 8 hours 68 39 15, 15, Soaring Sidekick Typhoomerang.

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Level 20 18 hours 61 17, 17, Kick-off Terrors Raincutter. Level 25 12 hours 20 minutes 63 20, 20, Melting Wing Sliquifier. Level 30 13 hours 20 minutes 71 50, 50, Mistmenace Flightmare. Level 35 15 hours 20 minutes 73 , , Hackagift Thunderpede. Level 39 18 hours 76 , , Deepfreeze Hotburple.

Level 45 19 hours 79 , , Gobstinker Scuttleclaw. Level 51 20 hours 85 , , Schmoozer Thornridge. Level 53 22 hours 85 , , Nightwatch Silkspanner. Level 56 1 day 97 1,, 1,, Sawtooth Tide Glider. Level 61 1 day 1 hour 2,, 2,, Lavender Skrill Thunderclaw Silkspanner. Level 65 1 day 4 hours 4,, 4,, Bludcrest Sweet Death Groncicle. Level 70 1 day 5 hours 5,, 5,, Moldruffle Shovelhelm Submaripper. Level 73 1 day 7 hours 8,, 8,, Gloomshadow Armorwing Ripwrecker. Level 81 1 day 10 hours 12,, 12,, Coldsnap Threadtail Grapple Grounder.

Level 84 1 day 11 hours 15,, 15,, Chartooth Windgnasher Sentinel. Level 94 1 day 13 hours 20,, 20,, Cagecruncher Prickleboggle Windstriker. Level 96 1 day 13 hours 21,, 21,, Wrylite Sword Stealer. Level 1 day 13 hours 24,, 24,, Sawduster Razorwhip Submaripper.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. But those sailors who turn back tell tales of a great waterfall and dragons guarding the entrance to a hidden world. Contents [ show ]. Date Published - June 30, Date Published - September 15, Hollywood Reporter. June 7, Date Published - September 24, Berk's Grapevine. Date Published - February 13, Animation World Network.

Categories :. Stoick : " Legends tell of ships that sail too close to it, only to drop off the edge of the world, never to be seen again. The Hidden World is an old sea-faring legend about a land at the edge of the world, where many sailors have lost their ships — never to be seen again. Those who have returned reported sightings of a great waterfall and dragons guarding the entrance to a hidden world beneath the sea.

A land from which all dragons hail. As with the past films, Toothless is the star of the show — with his attempts to impress the Light Fury forming the standout sequences. Acting almost as separate silent movies, the impeccable animation takes centre stage as the pair exchange puzzled, comical looks between their awkward flirting. The colourful chaos at Berk as dragons topple over Viking shacks, nighttime raids with acid-bellowing beasts and flights across the skyline pop-off the screen.

This shortcoming is more noticeable considering the surprisingly mature themes The Hidden World carries in its story.