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Can't play on this device. Check system requirements. Available on Xbox One. Mobile device. Xbox Description Find out who's been naughty and who's been nice in this spectacular Christmas celebration. Cast and crew. Matthew O'Callaghan Director. Theresa Cullen Director.

Studio Disney.

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Subtitles English CC. After he gets his cocoa, every little noise he hears in the mall seems to play the tune to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". It seems as though Donald can not escape the tune until he finally finds a door into another room. He enters a dark room and thinks he is finally safe when he discovers that he has stumbled on to the Mousy's window display, where the dolls begin singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and Donald finally has had enough.

Back in front of Mousy's, a woman announces that the unveiling will commence. A curtain rises to reveal Donald inadvertently vandalizing the window display to the horror of the crowd. Daisy and the boys feel disappointed at Donald and leave the mall sadly without him. Donald is thrown out of the mall by a policeman and began to walk home in the snow, feeling guilty of his lack of Christmas spirit. As he walks, he sees a group of carolers trying to sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", but unable to sing together. Annoyed at their terrible singing, Donald takes charge and conducts the group.

The lovely singing causes a small crowd to form, with people joining in and singing with the carolers. Soon the crowd draws in Daisy and the boys, who see Donald finally showing some Christmas spirit. Donald apologizes and joins in on the singing, making sure to sing from his heart.

TWICE - Yayaya - 트와이스 - 야야야 [Music Bank Christmas Special / 2015.12.25]

The fifth and final segment of the movie begins when Mickey makes decorations for the Christmas party, until Pluto keeps interrupting. When Pluto puts the star on top of the Christmas tree, he inadvertently destroys the decorations, especially knocking down the Christmas tree, which causes Mickey to send Pluto to the dog house. At the doghouse, Pluto decides to run away from home by removing his collar and hopping on board a train. Pluto finds himself shipped to the North Pole where the reindeer adopt him and call him "Murray" as in Murray Christmas.

When Mickey arrives back home, he cleans up the mess and puts the decorations back. He begins feeling guilty for how he yelled at Pluto, and when he goes to Pluto's doghouse to apologize, he finds Pluto missing. Mickey goes all over Mouseton , posting "Lost Dog" posters in hope that someone can help him.

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He even turns to Santa for help at a department store. What he does not know is that this Santa is not a usual department store Santa, but is the real deal. Meanwhile, Pluto is feeling homesick, and when Santa comes by with a picture of him and a glum-looking Mickey together, Pluto decides to return home. Santa and the reindeer drop him off back to Mickey's where the rest of the gang gathers for their annual Christmas party. The segment and the film itself concludes with them singing a medley of various Christmas carols, to sing from his heart akin to how the original film ended.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas features a "grumpy dog" character that appears in four of the five segments in the video. Belles on Ice was the only segment not to feature a "grumpy dog". The "grumpy dog" character is the Frosty Freight delivery worker that delivers the package containing Huey, Dewey, and Louie to Uncle Scrooge's mansion after their trip to the North Pole and Santa's workshop. The "grumpy dog" character is at the train station ticket counter as this segment opens. He softly mutters a "thank you" to the unseen ticket counter worker.

Later in this segment, the character is a passenger on the train. Max spills his drink on the character while stumbling down the aisle of the train car. The "grumpy dog" character appears a couple times in this segment. When Donald, Daisy, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie are waiting near the Mousy's stage in the mall, Louie moves the dog's sleeve in an attempt to check his watch for the time.

The "grumpy dog" character spills his hot chocolate as he moves his arm in response to Louie's unexpected contact. He barks a grumpy "Very hot! Later, after the Mousy's fiasco, Louie tells an angry member of the crowd that "grumpy dog" is his uncle, not Donald.

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He causes the "grumpy dog" to spill his drink again when he hugs him in an attempt to sell the rouse to the crowd member. In response to this second spill and drawing the connection to the first, "grumpy dog" exclaims "What are the odds? As Mickey hands "Lost Dog" flyers to passers-by on the street, "Grumpy dog" grabs a flyer, crumples it into a wad, grumbles, and discards it at Mickey's feet.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A religion should offer a host of creative, inviting avenues for salvation; what has happened in western christianity that we attach opportunities for hell to so many man-made rules? Do we really value Christ's suffering so little, that we would create more opportunities that effectively make the merits of his sacrifice meaningless to even more of his children?

This is an astute comment. I was considering, after reading America's Advent reflections going to Mass more often. Only seconds later I saw the link for the above article and rightly thought I'd better read it before I do. The truth is, the Roman Catholic church is a cult.

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Rules like this are not found in the Gospels or the Epistles, and are nowhere found where a healthy expression of Christianity is found. On the other hand, this kind of mind control and intimidation is found in cults, where one is expected to obey authority without question and suffer extreme penalties for disobedience.

They do emotional and psychological and, and second only to the sexual abuse crisis is the spiritual abuse still visited on the so-called "faithful", who behave, to their shame even should they be highly functioning adults in the secular world, like victims of brainwashing-slightly out of it, a little demented, not quite on the level of the developmentally retarded but its close cousin.

I dare to throw the gauntlet back to these false shepherds and hypocrites: you shall bear the judgement you mete out to the ignorant and the gullible; for every rule you enforce with the threat of hell you shall be accountable fourfold; for every time you falsified the Gospel and made a mockery of mercy you shall risk the damnation you would have others believe is theirs due to the perfidy of your souls and the corruption of your spirits.

I am inspired by the writings of the Prophets in the OT.

There is no proper worship of God in these contexts, just futile legalisms and pious repetition of vain prayers. According to the Gospel, Jesus said "The last shall be first and the first shall be last". For the sake of clarity, I have Baptism and Confirmation certificates on file in my local parish.

I go to Mass when I please and whether. I go for Christmas. If a Bishop doesn't like it he can look me up. My email is on file and my name and is in the phone directory. Make my day. Scrupulosity--that most Catholic of tendencies. It was drilled into us. I first learned the word when I went to confession as a college freshman way back in The priest was patient and kind and informative, helping me to ease up on the legalism.

You must be joking?